Christian... Roar

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Just for fun.... the story of Christian the Lion ;),
Why not make your own book? Use this story and draw pictures to go with it!


I flicked through the paper, while drinking my tea
It was raining again, which seemed normal to me
But today wasn't normal, hold onto your hat...
Today was the day that we got our cat!

'Cubs for sale', is what the ad said
I must be daft, quite out of my head
I just can't believe it, this can't be true
You can't buy lions like buying a shoe

It was Harrods, no less, not any old store
Sure they sell smelly cheese! Could they sell lions that roar?
We hopped in our car, we had to see this
This was just brilliant, too good to miss!

Astounding! Amazing! Two bundles of joy
One little girl and one little boy!
I said 'Mate, we can't own a lion, have you lost your mind?
'But I just have to have him, I can't leave him behind'

It's not what I meant when I said 'get a cat'
But we wrapped him up warmly and took him back to our flat
Christian the lion will be his name
And life after that was never the same!

Christian took over, he was a whirlwind of fun
he kept us busy, he kept us on the run
It was walking and feeding and playing and sleep
We had to work hard, his food wasn't cheap!

We needed a safe place outside to play
In the centre of London, what would people say?
But the church said ok, we could use their backyard
Amongst headstones and angels we wrestled and sparred.

As you can imagine he caused quite a stir
As he lazed in our shop with his mega loud purr
He was growing, of course, at quite a pace
It was patently clear we would run out of space

His paws were enormous and so were his roars
Which got a bit scary as we were playing indoors
It was time to rethink this wild whacky plan
We needed to move him to be with his clan

So we researched the idea, what would work best
If our darling friend were to leave the nest
No creature on earth deserves to be caged in a zoo
He had to be free to do what lions do

In Kenya we eventually found him a home
A place out in Africa where wild lions roam
It would take him time to adjust, he was like a child
He would learn to survive, he would learn to be wild

We all made the move, he needed us by his side
We were all that he knew, we were his pride
Kenya was stunning, with it's wide open space
With its laid back lifestyle and it's super chilled pace

Time ticked by slowly and there was no need to rush
There was the song of cricket, a silence, a hush
Christian just loved it, he didn't miss a beat
He adjusted with ease and relished the heat

We taught him to hunt, to be wild, to be free
To live like a lion without Ace and me
It was time to go home, to say our goodbyes
We'd visit him soon, to be happy, time flies

We went back to our world, just off the King's Road
Something was missing in our humble abode
Our big purry friend, with his big yellow eyes
His splendid mane and his huge roary sighs

Life just wasn't the same, we missed him like mad
We felt terribly lonely and terribly sad
But we knew he was happy and we'd done the right thing
We knew what we'd do, we'd visit in the spring!

We packed our bags and hopped on a plane
Would he remember us, were we insane?
Lions aren't like elephants who never forget
But we were his family, he was our pet

We went into the bush and called out his name
And it wasn't just one, but two lions that came
They bounded out of the bush without a sound
We had to think quickly, but we stood our ground

It was Christian, our hero, he came with such force
He licked us and hugged us and remembered of course
He was chuffed with himself, he was the king of his pride
He came with his girlfriend right by his side.

He was truly magnificent, a sight to behold
With his unruly mane and his eyes that were gold
He was huge, he was wild, he was happy and free
I cannot explain the joy that gave me!

Live well my dear Christian, with your mate and your pride
You'll live in my heart, I'll be right by your side
I'll be in the wind, in the sun and moonbeams
I'll visit you always, I'll be there in your dreams!

Lulu 05/11/2018
This is the true story of John Rendall and Ace Bourke and their lion Christian. All credit goes to them. A phenomenal story of love and friendship with magnificent Christian the Lion.